Offering People with Sensory Disabilities, Access to Activity

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Welcome to Our Group


Due to COVID 19 we have put on hold all activities until we can get back to normal.

Getting out and about is something many of us look forward to. Being able to enjoy a day out, try a new activity or just spend quality time with others can make a real difference to our lives.

AccessAble Activity Group gives people the opportunity to do these things and much more besides. Its a great place to make friends, learn new skills and have fun.

Our group is aimed at adults (over 18) with sensory disabilities, to take part in activities ranging from social activities to outdoors activities (walking, woodcraft) and sports (e.g. archery, sailing), plus visits to regional attractions and annual social events.

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A Passion for Activity


The group is run by a mix of sensory impaired and non-sensory impaired passionate volunteers. This ensures that all activities we co-ordinate for members is suitable for both hearing and sight impairments. In addition to our core aim to get active, we all live in the Telford and surrounding area, so members are a mine of useful information for people with sensory impairments.


Getting Involved


We are open to new members with sensory impairment across Telford and the surrounding area, plus we also welcome volunteers who can give their time to help us at the activity events as guides or carers. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community, make new friends and learn some new skills. We will offer support and plan to run first aid courses for those interested.



For membership, please get in contact with us at  with a little information about yourself and we will send out a membership form. Membership is £10 per year.  We don’t intend to have regular, formal meetings (outside the committee meetings), but we will be at the events coordinated by the group to be on hand with advice and to chat to members.


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While we encourage you to comment directly on our blog posts, you can also contact us directly. We love to hear about the challenges that other people are facing. Send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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